Company Philosophy

Japan Management was founded in 1988 to support Japanese companies in sourcing personnel. As the name implies we exclusively work on Japan related business across Europe in every aspect of personnel employment and executive search and selection. From marketing and sales offices to engineering and production facilities we have the required know-how and skill to source the qualified employees. We work in every branch and sector of industry and commerce. We source all levels of staff and executives. This includes local European staff, Japanese speakers and native Japanese staff.

Our regional coverage extends from Spain to Scandinavia and from the UK to Hungary and Turkey. Over the last 35 years we have successfully conducted search projects in nearly every major European country.
We offer a precise tailor-made solution to meet our clients‘ expectations and requirements. With this approach we have demonstrated time and time again the long term success of employing the right staff and executives.

Our staff have an up-to-date view of the labour market which enables us to react to any changes quickly and appropriately. Whether it is regarding conditions, legal matters, employment regulations or other personnel issues, we have a solution for you. We believe there is more to personnel selection than just cold qualifications and certificates. We believe the person’s character and motivation make a difference in any successful employment relationship.

Positions we fill

Some examples of positions we commonly employ are:

Managing Director, Chief Financial Officer, Chief Operating Officer, Country Manager, Company Director, General Manager, Head of Finance, HR Director, Factory Manager, All other Senior and Management levels etc.

Sales & Marketing
Sales Director/Manager, Marketing Director/Manager, Business Development Director/Manager, European/National Sales Manager, Area Sales Manager, Product Manager, Marketing Researcher, Marketing Communications Specialist, Key Account Manager, Sales Engineer, Sales Representative, Inside Sales Assistant, Export Sales Staff, Field Sales Agent, Public Relations Staff etc.

Engineering Manager, Technical Director, QA Manager, Project Manager, Construction Manager, Service Manager, Field Service Engineer, Test-bed Engineer, Research & Development Engineer, Applications Engineer, Construction Site Manager/Architect, Quality Assurance Engineer, Manufacturing Engineer etc.

Company Secretary, Financial Manager, Administration Manager, Logistics and Supply Chain Manager, HR Manager, Accountant/Bookkeeper, Import-Export Forwarding Agent, Financial Analysts, Human Resource Assistant etc.

To list all the various positions we have filled would be very extensive, but from the above you can see that we are active in most areas and have tremendous experience in many common positions, as well as experience in niche positions not listed.

If you have a question regarding any specialised position, please contact us and we would be glad to inform you further.

Industries we cover

We service all Japan related business, and therefore we are flexible and comprehensive in our coverage of various business sectors.

This is one of the largest businesses, with hundreds of candidates employed in automotive manufacturers in both technical and commercial areas. We are continuously active in this market, normally employing Sales Engineers, Project Managers, Sales Managers and Development Engineers for our Japanese customers.

Chemicals, Plastics and Pharmaceuticals
Over the last 30 years we have developed a large number of clients in these industries. Our projects in this field are generally in sales and marketing.

Machine Tools and Robotics
We work for most major Japanese manufacturers, and have considerable contacts in the European Machine tools market.

This includes consumer electronics and components supply to OEMs. We are supporting most of the major players in this industry.

Other Engineering fields:
There are many niche markets where we have been busy over the recent years, these include:
• Semiconductors
• Linear Motion Systems
• Sporting Equipment Components
• Bearings
• Tires (passenger cars and commercial vehicles)
• Professional Audio
• Measuring equipment and sensors
• Construction
• Office Supplies and Stationary
• Printing

Heavy Industry
Projects in this area include such fields as gas turbines, manufacturing lines, materials handling equipment etc.

This includes both the major manufacturers and components business.

Service Industry
Naturally, we have also done numerous projects in the service sector for Japanese food products, travel agents and airlines etc.

Whatever your area of speciality, we can assist you and we will source candidates who come from your area or a closely related area.

Japanese Way of Working

Japanese companies have a different working atmosphere and often have a different way of working to European companies. We have prepared a few hints below which may be useful in helping to understand this unique perspective and may also assist in strengthening working relations.

Develop your patience. Proposals, projects and suggestions often take longer to be accepted, but remember that when they are, you normally receive very good co-operation and back-up from your colleagues.

Be diplomatic. In Europe, we have a way of being quite blunt. When discussing a difficult matter, you should approach it carefully and allow the management an easy way out of the situation without losing face.

Be observant. The Japanese often signal their approval or disapproval of things in subtle ways and soft wording. Because we are not accustomed to this kind of behaviour, Westerners often completely miss the point. By observing closely, one can develop a feeling for this.

Be flexible. If you are requested to do a task which is not strictly your job, remember that this is normal in Japan. Consider it a compliment that you have been asked to take care of the matter -it means that you have been seen as capable and responsible since you have been selected. Even if it is a “menial task”, remember the Japanese do not distinguish as much as Europeans between menial tasks and “real work”. A job well done is a job well done. Consider the importance placed by Japanese on their tea ceremony or dressing in traditional garments or flower arrangement. Such things which appear simple or unimportant to Europeans are viewed differently in Japan.

Be polite. Japanese place a great deal of importance on being polite. This means showing respect to ones fellows and following social manners. Don’t worry about having to learn Japanese manners or customs -as long as you show respect and apply the normal good manners of your own culture, you will be appreciated.

Be friendly. Disgruntled or unfriendly people are not appreciated in Japanese companies. While its true everyone has bad days and everyone has their own problems, the Japanese tend to try and keep these emotions contained.

Be honorable. Honesty and responsibility are respected in many cultures on Earth, but are especially prized in the Japanese culture, based on the long tradition of strict moral and social codes.

Be modest. Modesty is a very respected quality in Japanese culture. In Europe we often strive to be the best and stand out, to make our mark and be recognised; in Japan, successful people defer the recognition of their individual performance and cite the group as the source.

All from a Single Source

Complete Solution
Employing new staff can be a time-consuming activity, as daily business as well as other urgent matters must also still be taken care of. We have the means and the know-how to handle the full recruitment process for you for the optimal results, as the success of any business depends primarily on the quality of its employees.

Objective Partner
As an external associate, we can evaluate your company’s internal situation from an objective point of view. As the candidates’ ally, we are able to obtain more information than they may tell a potential employer directly. Finally, as liaison, we ensure a more comfortable process in negotiation of the terms of employment.

There is no uniform answer as to who is the ideal candidate for a job. Every company has its own “personality” and every task has its special requirements.