When was Japan Management founded?

Our company was founded over 30 years ago by European partners who had a private interest in Japan and had previously done business with Japanese companies. They determined that this was a niche market which was not receiving much support and decided to use their knowledge of European and Japanese cultures to bridge the gap.

Why are you specialised for Japanese companies?

Most of the Japanese companies have a Japanese working philosophy, and not all candidates are suitable/qualified for such an environment. Our job is finding the candidates who have not only the right technical qualifications, but also the right mentality for such a Japanese company.


Do you only employ Japanese staff?

We employ about 10% Japanese staff and around 90% Europeans.

Do you ever work for other nationality companies?

We have also employed Japanese staff for German or American companies.

Are you specialised for any particular industry?

We cover all sectors and industries. We regularly work in major industries, and have also done many specialised recruitment projects in limited niche industries.

Which industries do you cover the most?

Our greatest experience lies in Automotive, Chemical, Electronic, Machine Tools, Pharmaceutical and Heavy Industries.

If I am a European with Japanese language skills, can I apply?

Absolutely, we employ many Europeans with Japanese language for our clients.

What kind of positions do you fill?

We employ people in all possible positions from Assistant level to Director level. This includes many secretaries, bookkeepers, sales assistants, marketing staff, sales representatives, sales engineers, development engineers, CAD engineers, sales managers, HR and administration managers, financial directors and controllers, senior management, etc.

Do you provide headhunting services?

Yes we do, but we have a strict policy that we never headhunt inside a company which is currently or has been our client at any time in the past.

If you undertake a headhunting project, can you be confidential regarding the client?

Absolutely, we never mention the client’s name until they give approval. Our clients prefer to remain confidential until it comes to a “face to face” meeting with the candidate.

What fees do you charge?

Our fees are the industry standard, and vary by search method. Please contact us for detailed information, as this varies case-by-case.

Are there any fees for the candidate?

No, our service is free for candidates.


If I apply for a new job through Japan Management, will my information be kept confidential?

Absolutely. Your information is handled in accordance with GDPR. We consult candidates before sending information to clients, and keep candidates up-to-date on any progress made.


Which geographical areas do you cover?

We cover all of Europe, and have even employed people in Japan.


Where is Japan Management located?

Our office is based near Frankfurt, a central location within Germany. This allows fast access to areas we cover such as Düsseldorf, Rhein-Main and Stuttgart.

Why is your German office located in the Rhein-Main area?

Our oldest and largest clients are located near Frankfurt and we are conveniently close to Germany’s largest airport for European-wide business.

What makes Japan Management different to other recruitment companies?

We have over 30 years experience working with Japanese businesses in Europe, and therefore have a deep understanding of Japanese companies and the kind of employees that fit best. Our hard work and results-oriented service have given us a solid reputation and long-term business relationships with our clients.