Industries we cover

We service Japan related business. Therefore we are flexible and comprehensive in our coverage of various business sectors.

Automotive Manufacturing

This is our largest business, with hundreds of candidates employed in automotive manufacturers in both technical and commercial areas.

Automotive Supply Industry

We are continuously active in this market, normally employing Sales Engineers, Project Managers, Sales Managers and Development Engineers for Japanese parts suppliers. Secondly, we have several American and European clients in the automotive supply industry where we have employed Japanese staff and Japanes.

Chemicals, Plastics and Pharmaceuticals Industries

Over the last 20 years we have developed a tremendous number of clients in the chemicals and pharmaceuticals industries. Our projects in this field are generally in sales and marketing. This is our second largest business and covers diverse areas from fine chemicals to polymers.

Machine Tools and Robotics

We work for most major Japanese manufacturers, and have considerable contacts in the European Machine tools market. Our experience covers servo-motors, bearings, CNC controls, full robotic systems, various CNC machining centres and full manufacturing lines.


This includes consumer electronics and components supply to OEMs. We have experience in most major areas, including PCBs, LEDs, LCDs, plasma screens, microphones and speakers for mobile phones, medical electronics, power supplies etc. This is our third biggest market, together with the machine tools industry.

Financial Sector

We have considerable experience working with banks, insurance companies and credit institutions.

Other Engineering fields:

There are many niche markets where we have been busy over the recent years, these include:
• Semiconductors (e-beam writers and other manufacturing processes)
• Liner Motion Systems
• Sporting Equipment Components
• Bearings
• Tires (passenger cars and commercial vehicles)
• Professional Audio
• Measuring equipment and sensors
• Construction
• Office Supplies and Stationary
• Printing

Heavy Industry

Projects in this area include such fields as gas turbines, manufacturing lines, materials handling equipment etc.


This includes both the major manufacturers and components business.


While this business is currently still suffering, in the past we have filled numerous technical and commercial vacancies in the areas of handsets, voice, ATM, global lease lines, global frame relay and IP VPN.

Service Industry

Naturally, we have also done numerous projects in the service sector for Japanese food products, travel agents and airlines etc.

Whatever your area of speciality, we can assist you, and we probably have candidates in our files who come from your area or a closely related area.