Japan Management

Japan Management was founded in 1988 to support Japanese companies in sourcing personnel. As the name implies we exclusively work on Japan related business across Europe in every aspect of personnel employment and executive search and selection.From marketing and sales offices to engineering and production facilities we have the required know-how and skill to source the qualified employees. We work in every branch and sector of industry and commerce. We source all levels of staff and executives, this includes both Japanese speakers and local European staff. In addition our files also contain many European candidates with Japanese language skills.

Our regional coverage extends from Spain to Scandinavia and from the UK to Hungary and Turkey. Over the last 20 years we have successfully conducted search projects in nearly every major European country.
We offer a precise tailor-made solution to meet our clients‘ expectations and requirements. With this approach we have demonstrated time and time again the long term success of employing the right staff and executives.

Our staff have an up-to-date view of the labour market which enables us to react to any changes quickly and appropriately. Whether it is regarding conditions, legal matters, employment regulations or other personnel issues, we have a solution for you. We believe there is more to personnel selection than just cold qualifications and certificates. We believe the person´s character and motivation make a difference in any successful employment relationship.

Please ask for our quotation and further references. We will give you detailed information about the possibilities and will work out a tailor made Search and Select procedure for your needs, including our standard one-year guarantee.