Positions we fill

As a service company for Japanese business, we are flexible and comprehensive in our outlook and the advantages we offer. This includes the ability and commitment to find for our clients any level of position.

Some examples of positions we commonly employ are:


Managing Director, Chief Financial Officer, Chief Operating Officer, Country Manager, Company Director, General Manager, Head of Finance, HR Director, Factory Manager, All other Senior and Management levels etc.

Sales & Marketing

Sales Director/Manager, Marketing Director/Manager, Business Development Director/Manager, European/National Sales Manager, Area Sales Manager, Product Manager, Marketing Researcher, Marketing Communications Specialist, Key Account Manager, Sales Engineer, Sales Representative, Inside Sales Assistant, Export Sales Staff, Field Sales Agent, Public Relations Staff etc.


Engineering Manager, Technical Director, QA Manager, Project Manager, Construction Manager, Service Manager, Field Service Engineer, Test-bed Engineer, Research & Development Engineer, Applications Engineer, Construction Site Manager/Architect, Quality Assurance Engineer, Manufacturing Engineer etc.


Company Secretary, Financial Manager, Administration Manager, Logistcs and Supply Chain Manager, HR Manager, Accountant/Bookkeeper, Import-Export Forwarding Agent, Financial Analysts, Human Resource Assistant etc.

To list all the various positions we have filled would be very extensive, but from the above you can see that we are active in most areas and have tremendous experience in the common positions.

If you have a question regarding any specialised position, please contact us and we would be glad to inform you further.