Search and Selection


Advertisement Method

Placing an advertisement in a newspaper or specialised publication will often be the best way to attract new, qualified candidates. We are constantly refining our advertisements to stay on the cutting edge in a highly competitive labour market. We can use pictures, colour, and other techniques to ensure maximum response.

Existing Files Method

Many thousands of people have applied to us over the years, and some of these candidates may be suitable for the kind of opening your company has. By simultaneously checking our files and direct applications, we can offer a greater selection of candidates from which to choose.

Headhunting Method

For some specialised positions or industries, and for high management positions, Direct Search or ‚headhunting‘ may be the best or only method to find the experienced person you need. We have skilled professionals who can get results and can safeguard with confidentiality our clients‘ names.


Internet Data-base Search

We have a running subscription to some of the most popular job websites where candidates place their resumé. We search these databases daily to locate suitable candidates, then inform them regarding the available position.

Internet Advertisement

We will place an advertisement for the job on the most popular job website where thousands of people search every day. This is a very economical option to locate additional candidates, and in some fields it is preferable over a newspaper advertisement.

Our Web-site

Japan Management’s website is registered under suitable key words with various search engines, so that people searching for jobs will be directed to it. There we have a listing of current vacancies and there we will place an advertisement for the open position.

Professional Networks

We also utilise Professional Networks building up connections with high-ranking candidates from various business areas.